12 Easy and beautiful Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your Home

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Despite the rock-solid foundation and walls your home boasts, it still can be a flexible canvas for your design ideas. As the homeowner, you have the freedom to push furniture or decor around to achieve a certain vibe that suits your liking.

Some choose to declutter their homes for a more open feel and basically, a minimalistic environment. Some like to decorate their homes similar to staged homes featured in interior design magazines displaying a variety of knick-knacks and furniture harmonizing through color and contrast.

Here are some decor ideas tried and tested by homeowners that have helped them transform their homes:

1. Gallery Wall

I think we can all agree that photos are one of the best inventions made by man. The ability to save a moment forever has changed the way we live our lives. Today, taking a picture has become a part of our everyday routine. It has been a way of remembering the beautiful past, self-expression, sharing moments with other people and art.

Having a gallery wall in your home can make it a more personalized space. You can use a gallery wall to share the history of your home or your experiences. You can also have a gallery wall to display your favorite pieces of art so your guests can ponder upon them as they enjoy your company in the warmth of your home.

Best of all, a gallery wall does not only serve the purposes mentioned above, it can also be an alternative for paint, wallpaper or other types of wall coverings. It can also effectively transform a plain, empty wall into an interesting statement piece.

2. Large scale art

In interior design, sizeable has always been synonymous to grand and extravagant. At first glance, a home with a large entryway would instantly look grander. A tall door would always seem to lead towards a spacious interior and 12 foot ceilings have always felt to be as high as the sky like the ceilings of the royal old-English palaces.

The good thing is, such illusions can also apply to houses that are not that big and the easiest way to do so is by strategically displaying large scale art. Large scale art can instantly make a room look worth thousands of dollars more as it visibly increases its size. This illusion can be achieved by letting the frame of a painting occupy a wall from corner to corner. It’s also best to use light colored artwork. Like a mirror, the artwork will act as an extra space in the room, masking the room’s boundary. 

Art has stirred up debates between artists and non-artisans whether or not art is a luxury or a necessity. Well, to be honest, no matter what art is, it has never failed to make a house look elegant and has always connected people as a source of something to talk about, appreciate and reflect on.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just daily necessities that allow you to check how good you look or see the driveway backwards as you park. Mirrors are also prized gems in the interior design department. 

To make a room look bigger than it appears, simply place a mirror at the end of it to mask its boundary and make the illusion of extra space.

Mirrors also help direct light towards tight spaces your light fixtures cannot illuminate. 

4. Rugs

Rugs are the simplest but most versatile interior design items that you can use to transform your home. You can simply throw a living room accent rug and it will make it a more warmer place for comfort and relaxation. Rugs can make dull spaces look more alive with the variety of patterns and design you can choose from. 

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5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a quick and easy alternative to expensive and labor-intensive paint. It’s also cost-efficient, easy to remove and replace. So, there’s really no risk of ruining your wall forever.

Wallpapers allow you to introduce new patterns to your home that can help bring out a certain theme or illusion. There are wallpapers available in the market that portrays tall vertical patterns that can make a room taller or horizontal patterns for a larger feel.

When a room is subject to everyday use, wallpaper can be used to protect its walls from stains or wear and tear.  Wallpaper is not only for aesthetics, but also for protective layering for walls. Including the maintenance of your wallpaper to your house cleaning schedule can definitely increase their lifetime. According to experts, well-maintained wallpaper can last up to 15 years. That’s three times the life of paint which is 5-10 years. 

6. Accent Wall

The purpose of an accent wall is to stand out from the rest of the room. It’s there to make things more interesting than a plain and monochromatic strand of walls. 

The easiest way to make an accent wall is to pick the most noticeable portion of a room and add a livelier texture. Most homes go for natural textures like wood or rock which is also a great way to let nature “in” your home. 

7. Plants

Plants should be in every home, really. No matter what style a home follows, there should always be a touch of green, unless you live in Mars or some other planet without greenery. Architecture has always been about being a part of nature or building a structure within nature while making the least amount of impact to surrounding life.

Nowadays, it seems to have gone the other way around. Instead of people building around nature, it’s nature that tries to grow around buildings. The sad part is, nature is slowly running out of space given the increasing pace at which land development grows globally.

So, what are you waiting for? What better way to transform your home by decorating it with plants while you help nature take back its place on the planet.

8. Antiques

There’s something about antiques that newer furniture cannot achieve. It’s that nostalgic feel they give to a home. Antiques hold that elegant appeal of timelessness and history that can instantly change the aura of a room.

Older pieces of furniture have this very specific style characterized by rich detail and craftsmanship unlike the minimalist furniture we have today filled with sharp edges and flat colors. At a glance, your guests will instantly know that these decor are not from today’s time, but from the distant past. 

If you want your home to look more elegant and appealing, maybe it’s time to do a little shopping at your local antique store. 

9. Warm and Welcoming Foyer

Not all homes have warm and welcoming foyers. Mostly, only luxury homes costing thousands of dollars per square foot have foyers to greet their guests simply because they have the extra space to spend. 

You must be thinking, “Do I really need a foyer?” Well, you do and during this time when the risk of catching a deadly virus exists, you must have a foyer.

A foyer is not only a transitional space from the outdoors to indoors, but it is also a space to receive visitors without letting them in your living spaces. 

This is extremely important when letting non-family members in your home.

In addition, a foyer will make your house more welcoming. It makes your guests feel important as you have a space made just for them, to make them comfortable. 

 10. Statement Pieces

Like a whirlpool in a room, a statement piece attracts all the attention in a room. It can be a big picture of you in the King’s royal attire, a statue of your favorite animal or a unique piece of sculpture.

A statement piece can be something that instantly becomes a source of conversation — an eye-catcher — one thing that a guest would look at for a whole 5 minutes.

11. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting may just be the most important design feature in your home. Without light, your home will feel like a dark empty space even with all the fancy decorations.

Light allows you to highlight the key features of your home, alter the shape of your room, add depth, character and improve the mood of your guests.

Yes, that’s a proven scientific fact. Light affects people’s moods.

In fact, the use of light to improve the mood of people has always been widely used in factory settings to increase the productivity of workers. In your home, light can also be used to give off a more relaxing mood or a warm vibe.

 12. Collectibles Display

Displaying your collectibles is another way of personalizing your home. Personalizing your home is an important phase of designing it. It’s giving your home its own identity. It’s what makes your home “your” home. Without a touch of “you”, your house will look just like anybody’s apartment. 

Personalizing your home can be sticking travel magnets to your fridge or stitching your family name on the welcome mat. It can also be displaying your prized personal collection for your guests to see.

A collectibles display is one of the most unique ways you can make your home a little more “you.” It’s also the cheapest way to do it since you already have the collectibles and all you have left to do is display them. A DIY shelf can certainly do the job — the perfect touch to personalizing your home. 

Sophie Turner
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