10 Things One Must Check Before Buying A Dream House

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There are many big decisions that one makes in their life and buying a home has to be one of the top decisions. Buying a home also requires a lot of commitment once you take on the loan.

Because of that, there are a few things one must check before buying a dream house.

The Home’s Area

Having a home in an area that is accessible to major highways and roads will make life easier. It will allow you to get to work with no hassle, get the kids to school on time, get shopping done quickly, and get to the sports game on time without missing anything.

Make sure to remain aware of the traffic in the area too, this way you know when the rush hour will be and you can plan around it.

Also, check out the home’s neighbourhood and where the home is located within. If you like to live near an entrance, then having your home nowhere near it will be more of a hassle. On the other hand, having your home away from the entrance may also be beneficial.

Check to see if the neighbourhood has an area for recreation, such as a pool or nature trails, as you may want to be as close as possible to them if you prefer.

Check Your Budget

It is always a good idea to be realistic with the amount that you are able to bear. If you feel that your budget is able to sustain the cost of a home, then by all means go for it. But if you feel it as being a burden then you are better off waiting. The idea is to ensure that you will have more finances than debt so that you will remain comfortable in your new home.

By checking your budget, you will know what your debt/income ratio is and you can work your home financing into it a lot better.

Check the finer Details

Besides the exterior, it is always a good idea to check the interior for things that need a fix. Simple repairs won’t cost much, however, when you have huge fixes or major repairs, then the price could easily skyrocket.

This means you will be paying for the items that need repair along with all of the labour involved.

Check That Your Realtor Will Work for you

If you decide to go through a realtor, make sure that they are working on a full-time basis. That way you know that they will always be there for you if you have questions. They also need to be able to make an appearance during their normal work schedule and not put priorities above others.

If you are in doubt of their dedication to you, then you need to look for another realtor who will be there for anything that you need.

Bedroom Amount

When it comes to the number of bedrooms, the average is around 2-3 bedrooms depending if there are children already in the picture. A lot of times the children will share one bedroom, but if a child is older, then they will likely have their own room.

If guests are expected on a regular basis, then having an extra room will come in handy.


This type of insurance is provided through the homeowners or contents insurance and covers every single item that is inside the home. Although some alternatives may exist, it is best that you read the fine print of your policy to find out what is covered and what is not.

Thoroughly Inspect the Home

Conducting a thorough inspection of the home not only is a good idea but it will save you money on future repairs. Plus, if repairs are needed, the current homeowners must get them repaired prior to you finalizing the sale. If nothing gets repaired, then you can walk away.

Motivation of Seller

A lot of times a seller will have their home for sale and they do not worry about if it sells. If you come across this seller type, then you are best with moving to the next property.

Sometimes there will be sellers who are extremely eager due to a job change or total relocation. No matter what the reason for selling is, having a realtor on your side will help recognize the seriousness of the seller so that nobody wastes their time.

Consider the current neighbours

Ask around the neighbourhood to find out what they are like. Ask as many questions as you can to get a feel for their character. If you feel a bad vibe coming from any of them then you may want to move on to the next house.

Final Thoughts

When you are in the process of buying a home, you need to ensure to check the points above, that way you will know for certain that the home will be perfect for you.

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