10 Essential Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Have

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Cleaning can be easy-peasy, if you have the right cleaning tool. No matter if you’re managing a cleaning company or a housewife who loves to keep her house organized, it’s needed to have the most necessary cleaning tools and equipments at hand.

Here is a rundown of 10 essential cleaning tools that we believe no home should be without. 

Essential Cleaning Tools List

1. Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a compact and easy to store tool which generate steams. Using these steams, one can sanitize stuffs of dust out of fissures and make cleaning process easier and quicker. Even some labor –intensive job can do very swiftly such as use steam cleaner for mattress cleaning. 

Consumers used this tool for multiple applications and no additional chemicals are needed. From windows to curtains, countertops to floors, or even your pet cage to cars–a steam cleaner is must-have household tool that you never realize until you needed. No wonder, it’ll clean your house than it has ever before.

2. An Extension Dusting Kit

Your wall and ceiling dust can develop indoor allergies. Cleaning such dust can be hassle unless you have proper tool like sander for wall dusting, step-stool for ceiling. If you don’t have these, an extension dusting kit can do the magic. Using this kit, you can easily clean light fixtures, kitchen top shelves etc.

3. Stick Vacuum Cleaner

In our busy life, vacuum cleaner is a quintessential cleaning tool. It helps to not developing dust inside our property. Sometime broom isn’t works good at picking up dust since it’s necessary to scatters fine particles. However, the vacuum cleaner is the most expensive tool on this list, and definitely most effective tool to keep your home dust free. 

Look for a brushless mode, so that you can use it in hard floors too.

4. Squeegee

Small, but, very beneficial. These little cleaning tools are very useful for keeping bath and shower mildew & mold-free. By attaching a squeegee to your extension pole and get your windows steak-free and clean as well. The flat, bladed side of a squeegee works great of managing the flow of water and take off dirt that born from water in the windows.

This is also works great for cleaning mirrors and liquid messes easily. Oh, if you have pets, a damp squeegee is the easiest way to get pet hairs off from furniture.

5. Scrub Brush

Need help to removing some stubborn stains which refuse to surrender to cloth or sponge?

Then definitely you need a scrub brush to do so. Using this tool, you can clean dirty marks between texture and tiles, garden hose pressure nozzle, flower pots, garbage cans. You can soot off your fireplace walls. Not end here, you can dry off mud from bottom of your shoes as well.

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 6. Bucket

Don’t skimp on this versatile cleaning tool. Surprisingly you need it in every household chore. An appropriate sized bucket not only stow your cleaning materials but also helps with mopping and multitude tasks. Simply pick up one in a local hardware store and you are ready to go.

 7. A Good Sponge

A good sponge is an essential cleaning element to have. Look for one that has both soft and scrubby sides, tackles any dirty surfaces, and wash easily. It’s great to have classic sponge around but if you want to try out alternatives, you can try sponge cloths (closer the gap between towel and sponge), spaghetti sponges (don’t need soap), or silicone sponges heavy-duty one and will last forever. In short, sponges are best cleaning staple.

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8. White Towels

Like the sponge, this is also an essential classic kitchen item. Nicely they can match with everything, and can see while they’re dirty. Removing stains on cloths and smudge on couch or carpet is very handy with them. Meanwhile, don’t need to worry about losing color when you disinfect them. These white cleaning towels are budget friendly and inexpensive too. Use them as your cleaning materials even repurpose them when they look worn.

9. Microfiber Cloths 

A set of microfiber cloths are stunning for any cleaning task dry or wet. Unlike other disposable or feather dusters, it can holds onto, dirt, dust, and other particles. Just use of little water, it can clean everything effectively. Also, they are very gentle to the surface, shouldn’t leaving any scratches behind.

Microfiber cloths can be little costly, but they clean extremely well and last longer. Plus, they’re brilliant at polishing glass or tile, cleaning appliances, even getting pet hair off clothing. As it comes with multicolor set, so, you can easily assign each color for specific household work. In short, it’s a game-changer cleaning tool for every home.

10. Spray Bottles

A set of affordable spray bottles are ideal for homemade cleaning products. Keep spray bottles in your cleaning cart and fill them up with water or any cleaning solution.

If you ever rinse it something, just spray the surface and you go for it. This is also a great mist for clothes before ironing, and train pets to stay off from furniture.

Glass bottles gives modern vibes but plastic ones are more durable and can store any liquid.

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Final Thoughts

Investing on the correct home cleaning tools certainly feel you the difference while you cleaning your home. Picking up the right equipment can make your cleaning job easy. Don’t forget to add these 10 essential cleaning tools in your cabinet to keep your home neat and clean.

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