Best High End Kitchen Appliances (Luxury Appliance Brands 2022)

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The modern kitchen should not just have to be good at functioning; they must also look good. We have chosen some of the best high end kitchen appliances for your home kitchen from the ocean of modern appliances.

You must be wondering what is so special about high-end appliances?  Well, in simple words, it will increase the value of your home kitchen. Once you invest in these kitchen appliances,  you would not have to bother about maintaining or replacing them.

Why Should I invest in High end kitchen appliances?

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global kitchen appliances market size was USD 159.29 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 210.80 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period.

At the very end of the day, investing in high-end kitchen appliances means saving energy,  time, and money. Technically it is one of the best ways to enhance your home kitchen setup. Preparing or storing anything gets better when you have the right tools in your home.

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Now, you might argue, high end appliances are comparatively expensive; then why we have said it saves money?


  • Durability: Highly durable materials are crafted to endure in the long run. It requires no to minimal maintenances, thus a hassle-free electronics with ease of operation.
  • Energy Saving: Top-notch kitchen appliances are built with energy-saving technologies that save tons of money over the years. So, we should not put a creepy look at the price tags!
  • Eco-Friendly: These appliances are designed with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring not to react adversely with its products. 
  • Easy Maintenance: These are the perfect appliances that require zero to minimal maintenance. 

If you love passive money-saving methods, high end appliances are a must-try for you if you hadn’t used one yet.

High End Kitchen Appliances: Ensured Premium Quality?  Truth or Tale!

Answer: High-end appliances ensure premium quality. To be specific, High end kitchen appliances have a longer life expectancy, as they are built to last long. They will impress you with their fantastic performance and design. It’s always a situation where you never lose when it comes to buying these appliances.      

10 Best luxury High End Kitchen Appliances

1. Best high end kitchen appliances: Thermador PRG486GDH Gas Range

Best high end kitchen appliances: Thermador PRG486GDH Gas Range review
Size48 inches
Power SourceGas Powered
Fuel TypeGas

Thermador is one of the oldest alliance companies that still make high-quality appliances, and this brand has 75 years of experience in manufacturing authentic products. It has earned its reputation as one of the most excellent manufacturers of the best high end kitchen appliances.

The Thermador PRG486GDH is a 48-inch gas range that seems to be quite a luxurious gas range for the kitchens these days. How about we talk about it in detail? 

  • Burners:

This Thermador gas range has six sealed burners. The star burners are not just designed into a unique shape for its looks. It is manufactured to create 56 percent more comprehensive perimeter than a round shaped burner with the same diameter. 

As a result, your food cooks 2-times faster as the flames spread and ensure cooking evenly in no time. The Star Burners will give you the highest output of 18,000 BTU/hr.

  • Oven:

The gas range comes with two different options of a convection oven. The total capacity of the oven is 6.6 cubic feet. It needs only one fan to bake as the third element convection is quite powerful. This keeps the temperature of the oven consistent and lets you cook multiple things in multiple-rack. It also has interior lighting that ensures you can keep an eye on the food inside the oven. 

  • Extra-low shimmer:

The shimmer mechanism allows you to control the temperature of the system. The star burner cycles on and off to maintain low temperatures like 100 degrees F. It keeps food warm without scorching. In short, you don’t need to keep stirring. 

  • Quick clean base:

This is called a quick clean base cause you can fit a sponge and hand easily under the burner to wipe off the surface clean. The teardrop emboss reduces the build-up of food near the base of the gas range.   

  • Griddle:

Titanium is the best material for making griddles. The griddles installed in the gas range are non-stick and rust-proof. It is electrically controlled that provides a consistent outcome from side to side and front to back.     

  • Self-cleaning: 

This excellent gas range has the fastest self-cleaning and cooling capability at the lowest time possible. You won’t have put all your efforts in cleaning it.  

  • Dimensions:

The Thermador dimension is width: 47.7-8 inches, depth: 5.5-8 inches, and 37.7-8 inches. 

These are all the details that I could provide you on this gas range. This product grew on me for its breath-taking features. Especially the oven. The only issue you will face with the oven is that the oven does not have any timer. So, you will have to ensure by yourself that the food doesn’t get over-cooked or burnt.


  • Sealed burners can provide up to 18,000 BTU per hour.
  • Double Convection Oven
  • Low temperature shimmering
  • Easy and self-cleaning 
  • Rust-proof and non-stick griddles
  • Sabbath of mode available


  • The oven does not have a timer installed.

Our verdict: From our perspective, this is one of those high end appliances worth buying. Especially when you have a big family or are deeply in love with baking, you can cook everything you like in a concise duration without the mess of cleaning.

2. Best residential kitchens: VIKING VGR5486GSS GAS RANGE


‘VIKING’- the one who has the experience of producing professional-grade ranges for residential kitchens for over 30 years. 

The range we’re going to talk about is a 48-inch freestanding gas range called the Viking VRG5486GSS. To me, it sounds quite interesting. I wonder how many dishes could be prepared in this gas range in the shortest time. 

  • Cooktop: 

Can you guess how many burners you can use at a time? Do you think about four? Well, close enough. You can use six-burners that are designed with Trupower plus. It allows you to cook with 18,500 BTUs of professional power. 

Assuredly, this is going to make you feel like you’re a cooking master.

All burners have a setting of variSimmer features along with 12 W thermostatically controlled steel griddle. The VSH Pro sealed burners give you efficient performance at any temperature.

  • Knobs and Interior Lighting:

It has BlackChrome ship standard knobs that will let you shift the temperature quickly. The control panel and illuminating knobs have SoftLit LED lights for better vision. 

The oven has Halogen Interior lighting, which gives you the facility to look at your food while it’s baking. Halogen lights are used to provide you with outstanding visibility. 

  • Ovens and convection baffle:  

This 48-inch freestanding gas range also has a large capacity oven. You can cook for everyone and still have plenty of leftovers. 

GentleClose doors of the oven allow you to open and close the doors gently. This feature ensures that the door doesn’t slam as the regular oven doors do.  

It is the most massive capacity oven in the industry, along with a convection baffle. You can bake loaves of bread, cakes, and more with the perfect heat circulation of the ProFlo convection baffle. The ProFlow baffle has been installed explicitly in each cavity of the oven to ensure even cooking.

  • Griddle:

You can now easily make pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausages on the stainless steel griddle.

  • Infrared Broiler: 

The Gourmet-Glo Infrared broiler is a high-quality restaurant style broiler that cooks your meat or fish, locking the juice inside the food. So, you don’t have to compromise with the taste.       

  • Porcelainized Cooking Surface:

Porcelainized cooking surfaces provide you a long-term service along with durability. The porcelainized body also brings a sleek look to this gas range.       

  • Ignition system:

SureSpark designed ignition system establishes automatic ignition and reignition while you cook. 

  • Dimension: 

The exterior width of the gas range is 48 inches. It has a height of  35.875-inches and a depth of 28.6875-inches. 

The interior width is 23-inches; height is 16.125-inches and depth-18.75-inches.   

  • Easy cleaning:

The gas range has a porcelainized cooking surface that has been designed for easy cleaning and durability. It has drawers that can easily be removed for cleaning.  

  • Product warranty:

This comes with a complete warranty of 2 years. 

In this meantime, you must know the features of the gas range. From our perspectives, the gas range impressed us with its charm.

The only thing that cannot be termed on the goof side is the gas range price. The gas range can be an excellent option for your modern kitchen.

Last but not least, it is relatively low-maintenance.


  • Six sealed burners 
  • The total capacity of the oven is 6.1 cubic ft and the convection baffle. 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Infrared broiler
  • Secured ignition system


  • It is quite costly 

Our verdict: 

If you don’t have any issue with the price, We would suggest you get this. It is an efficient gas range for prominent families and restaurants. You can bake and cook a lot of dishes at the same time.

3. Jenn-Air JS42SSDUDE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Jenn-Air has a reputation for making high end refrigerators and other appliances. The appliances made by Jenn-Air provide excellent performance and have great looks too. 

The refrigerator we are going to discover is the Jenn-Air JS42SSDUDE Side-by-Side Refrigerator. It is a 42-inch counter depth refrigerator. Aren’t you already exited to know about it? So, let’s begin!  

  • Obsidian Interior: 

The obsidian interior makes your food items pop even in matching crisper drawers and freezers.  

  • LED lighting and Display: 

The refrigerator has multiple LED lights that increase the visibility inside the fridge. The display gives you the opportunity of changing the temperature of both the refrigerator and the freezer. 

  • Shelves and Drawers: 

The refrigerator has shelves made with glass. It has a total of 4 shelves. A storage drawer that comes with electric control. This feature lets you select different temperatures for sensitive foods. 

  • Produce Preserver: 

This feature delays in over-ripening of particular fruits and veggies as it absorbs extra ethylene gas. 

  • Ice maker and sabbath mode:

This appliance has an ice maker and sabbath mode. You can install an external water dispenser. It can rapidly dispense water, and it will display the amount of water that is being dispensed in ounces, cups, or liters.   

  • SoftClose Hinge:

The SoftClose hinges installed in the refrigerators plays a significant factor in closing the door effortlessly. The hinge protects the door from slamming.

  • Refrigerator capacity: 

The total capacity of the refrigerator is 25.02 cubic feet. The fridge capacity is 16.41 cubic feet, and the freezer capacity is 8.61 cubic feet.

  • Dimension:

The side-by-side counter depth refrigerator has a width of 42.375-inches, a height of 83.375-inches, and a depth of 27.75-inches.   

The stainless steel refrigerator will entirely change the look of your home kitchen. Although cannot be used for commercial or medical usage this is made of stainless steel, the fridge is not fingerprint resistant; the refrigerator also does no. As it is not fingerprint proof you must be careful not to leave any marks on it. Fingerprint marks on your refrigerator that will look good at all


  • Good storage capacity
  • Production of preservative for certain fruits and veggies
  • Hinges for easy movement of the door 
  • LED lighting and display for easy controls.
  • Ice-dispenser with removable bin 
  • Sabbath mode available
  • The total capacity is 25.02 cubic feet. 


  • Not fingerprint-resistant.

Our verdict:

Apart from the part that the refrigerator is not fingerprint resistant, I would look forward to purchasing it. It has excellent features, and the brand has a reputation for making such ones. 

4. Bertazzoni DW24XV Dishwasher

Bertazzoni brings you a range of appliances ideal for every home kitchen. Do you spend hours doing your dishes on regular nights or after people come over at your place? I know it is quite tiring. Do not worry because we have got something for you. 

Presenting the Bertazzoni DW24XV, a 24-inch built-in dishwasher with six wash cycles. In short, your life savior.  

Let’s talk now about the characteristic! 

  • Lift-up basket: 

The upper basket is adjustable with a one-touch motion. It is designed this way, so loading things in the lower basket gets easier. 

  • Wash options: 

Dish-washer has four different washing options. Extra dry, Sani Boost, High-temperature, and 24-hour delay start.

  • Sani boost:

Sani boost uses 158 degrees Fahrenheit for flawless cleaning and absolute sanitization. Sanitization is always important when it come to dishwashers.

  • Food disposer: 

It is designed with a water recirculation pump that has a triple-stage filter with a food disposer. So, that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the dishwasher itself.

  • Energy star: 

It saves energy and saves the environment. It uses less energy to do more work, and so you spend less money to do tour work. 

  • Quick Wash:

Washes tons of dishes in a quarter of the time. Some dishwashers take a lot of time to do dishes. But this one doesn’t. It will have clean dishes for you before you even realize.

  • Dimension:

The dishwasher’s exterior width is 24-inches, height is 33.75-inches, and has a depth of 33.75- inches. 

If you don’t have time to do the dishes, then I bet this is your thing. But, the dishwasher does not come with handles. You’ll need to purchase the handles separately. 


  • Six wash cycles
  • Low dbA
  • Energy saver
  • 14 different settings
  • Two years of warranty


Handles have to be purchased separately.  

Our verdict:  

If this dishwasher did not cost so much, I would get this. This dishwasher would surely take the standard of any kitchen higher than it is currently. It’s a decisive win or win, buy!


5. Miele Dual Fuel Gas Range

Miele Dual Fuel Gas Range

Miele is an expert German brand known for the durability and reliability of its high end appliances.    

Among all the Miele appliances, we will talk about a 48-inch freestanding dual fuel range. It just doesn’t stop here; it has multiple burners and 21 operating. Are you excited to know more? Keep reading!

  • Burners:

The dual-fuel range has six burners that provide up to 19500 BTU. You can control the heat with knobs. These burners will prepare your food just in time. 

  •  Grates: 

The dual-fuel is manufactured with a continuous grate design. This design lets you move the pots or utensils from one burner to another without lifting them from their place. The grates also can be cleaned easily as they are entirely removable; you can put them in the dishwasher.

  • Wireless Roast Probe:

No supervision is needed! I repeated No management is required. Yes, you read that right.

This new and better probe has four different measuring points in the place of one. The timer of the probe gives you accurate information about how long the program will run. As the probe is wireless, it is safe to use. Now you can even use the probe outside your oven.

The probe is washable in the dishwasher, so you wouldn’t need to scrub it with your hands.   

  • Oven:

It is a self-cleaning convection oven which you can use to make cakes, pies and all the other things you like. It has the facility of interior lighting so you can watch your food as it is cooking inside. You can control the temperature with knobs, and the door is completely removable. 

The Rapid Preheat verifies constant air-flow that allows the heat to distribute equally; hence the food cooks faster and evenly.      

  • Timer: 

This feature is included to ensure that your food never gets over-cooked. Start-time and finish-time are very easy to select.

  • Individual settings and automatic programs : 

The dual fuel range is designed so that it has particular setting features that can be changed according to your need. You decide on the language, control panel brightness, acoustic signals, and others. The automatic cooking program allows you to choose from 100+ easy-to-use programs. And guess what? Everything cooks automatically, whether it’s bread, meat, or soup.

  • Easy cleaning:

This is a dual fuel range built with stainless steel, which makes this fingerprint resistant, scratch-proof, and smudge-proof all at the same time. There’s no need for a proprietary cleaner; you can just use a damped cloth to clean it.  

The ovens are built with self-cleaning technology, so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning it. The grates of the range are both removable and washable in the dishwasher.      

  • ComfortSwivel handle: 

This particular feature allows you to open and close your oven door effortlessly in no time. The twisted handle makes operating as easy as a piece of cake. This prevents the door from slamming.    


The fuel range dimensions are as follows: width: 48-inches, depth: 27.25- inches, and the height is around 34.5625- inches.   

That is all the information that you need to know before buying this fuel range. This fuel range uses natural gas for cooking. 

Like everything has at least one thing that can’t be considered as a good thing, in this very case, it is the ventilation of the range. Ventilation is vital when it comes to ranges. Ventilation prevents the range from overheating and passes out the smoke and fumes easily. But, unfortunately, this range doesn’t have one.


  • Dishwasher cleanable parts  
  • Has sabbath mode in oven
  • Convection oven with self-cleaning 
  • Sealed burners
  • Wireless roast probe 
  • Up to 2 years of warranty


  • No downdraft ventilation

Our verdict: 

The dual fuel range can be an excellent option for you if you do not have a budget problem. You will love its easy accessibility, and comfortable price range. Ultimately, it will provide you better experiences in the long run, but initially, you have to invest a bit more bucks than usual kitchen appliances. 

6. Samsung RF22N9781SG French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF22N9781SG French Door Refrigerator

A 36-inch french door refrigerator that has energy efficient abilities. It is designed with four doors, built-in cameras, and much more than regular refrigerators. 

Let’s dig into the details, shall we?

  • Simple food management:

You can simply use your voice to make a shopping list. Three built-in cameras that are automatically designed to give you expiration notifications and various nutritional information to ensure everything is healthy inside the fridge.

Adjustable Shelves:

The shelves can be adjusted from standard to slide-in or flip-up so that you can store tall items easily.

Two Crisper Drawer:

These drawers ensure to keep your fruits and vegetables crispy and fresh for a long. They provide a fair amount of storage so you can store more food.

Bottle Rack:

Not all high end refrigerators come with a separate bottle rack, but this one does. You can store your beverages and water bottles on the rack.

Ice Maker:

The automatically filtered ice maker in the freezer allows easy access to ice, and it gives your filtered ice cubes whenever needed.

Triple cooling system:

This feature maintains temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator, keeping your food fresher for a long time.

FlexZone and Family Hub facilities:

FlexZone allows you to turn your freezer into a refrigerator with just one touch. 

Bixby Voice :

Bixby voice controls allow you hand-free navigation.

Four-Door design:

The refrigerator has four separate doors, and you can choose an individual temperature setting for each compartment.


The exterior width is 36-inches, and the interior width is 35.75-inches. Depth is 28.875-inches, and height is 71.875-inches.

This smart built-in Samsung refrigerator is made to fit perfectly into your home kitchen. Well, sadly, this cannot be used for any commercial or medical use. Despite being made with stain-steel, the fridge is neither smudge-proof nor fingerprint-proof. This means you will news to be extra clean and be extra careful while touching it so that it does not get any smudge; they are hard to remove.   


  • Total capacity 22 cubic feet
  • Adjustable shelves and drawers
  • Ice maker produces 10 lbs of ice per day.
  • FlexZone and Family hub facilities
  • Intelligent voice assistance
  • One year part and labor warranty


  • Not fingerprint and smudge-proof

Our verdict:

This Samsung did grow on me for its ultra-modern features. For people who always need chilled water and fresh fruits, this refrigerator can be an ideal choice for them. It has been a global brand for decades; it’s the best budget high end refrigeration of the current lot. The most innovative part is that it provides excellent features with a minimum cost of energy. Nothing can be the best refrigerator than this for a mid-size family.

7. Thermador DWHD660WFP Built-in Dishwasher

Thermador DWHD660WFP Built-in Dishwasher

Thermador has an experience of 75 years in manufacturing high end appliances.  We are here to speak about Thermador DWHD660WFP built-in dishwasher.  

Come, let’s dig into the details. 

  • Time remaining power beam:     

The time of the cycle remaining will shine on the floor. So, that you know when your dishes will be done. 

  • PowerBoost option: 

You can control the temperature and pressure of the lower rack for complete heavy-duty washing. By the end of the cycle, you will have some clean and shining dishes.

  • Powerfully quite:

It is advanced manufactured, so it does not produce loud sounds even when it is operating. It will almost make no sound while doing your dishes. 

  • Extra Dry Option: 

Among all the cycles it has one extra dry cycle. The extra dry option ensures 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also gives you superior drying results.      

  • Extra tall-item Sprinkler: 

This allows tall items to be washed. This feature ensures that all your tall dishes are cleaned and dry. 

  • Crystal Protect System: 

The dishwasher adjusts the softness of the water during the cycle. It is essential for cleaning and keeps it free from water spots. 

  • Energy star:

Energy star ensure that this appliance uses the least amount of power possible. Saves both energy and money both.                

  • Dimension:

 The exterior width is 24-inches, and the interior is  23.562-inches. It has a height of 33.875-inches and a depth of 23.75-inches. 

This energy-efficient dishwasher has some great features. It is a fully integrated dishwasher, but  takes almost 135 minutes to complete one cycle. 

That’s quite a long time. 


  • Alexa voice control 
  • Low dbA 
  • Chef’s tool drawer for easy loading
  • Interior blue LED light. 
  • Power-efficient


 It takes 135 minutes to complete one washing cycle.

Our verdict:         

This Thermador dishwasher has many great features that will lift the standard of your home kitchen. I will not suggest you purchase this because it takes a lot of time to clean the dishes. It is an energy-efficient dishwasher. It can be a great option for restaurants to wash different dishes at a time with hygiene.   


8. Bertazzoni PRO486GDFSAZ Dual Fuel Range

Bertazzoni PRO486GDFSAZ Dual Fuel Range

Bertazzoni has been making high end kitchen appliances for over 100 years. The brand is known for the qualified engineering of luxury stoves.

We are here to talk about the Bertazzoni PRO486GDFSAZ, a 48-inch freestanding dual feudal gas burner, that runs on natural gas. As it is small in size, it fits easily in your kitchen. 

  • Burner:

The dual fuel range is constructed with six sealed burners that run through natural gas. Dual-ring power burners give you the high-efficient flames. The burners can provide up to 18,000 BTUs of searing heat. 

  • Grates:

Bertazzoni is planned with continuous grates, which will authorize you to move the pans or pots without lifting them from the burners. These grates are easily cleanable so you would’nt have to spend hours scrubbing them. 

  • Metal coated knobs:

Durable knobs are the best for controlling your ranges. The metal-coated knobs are entirely reliable. It lets you control the ignition system with all the safety features.

  • Griddle: 

Griddles are important if you don’t like the hassle of frying pan. The griddle in the dual fuel range makes it relatively easy to make pancakes, bacon, eggs, and things. This will lessen the amount of your work when you don’t have much time in your hand. 

  • Electric convection oven:

The gas range is designed with extra-wide ovens that have heat-assisted convection fans, which provides balanced airflow and equal heat distribution on every side. This ensures even cooking in less time. 

This double oven has three racks and a broiler. The total capacity of the oven is 5.1 cubic feet. You can use knobs to control the temperature of the oven while cooking. It also has interior lighting installed to provide you a better vision of your food while cooking.

It has a telescopic glide shelf that makes it easier to access hot and heavy food from the oven racks. 

  • Soft-motion oven door: 

The soft-motion oven door was manufactured, especially for easy opening and closing of the door with a single hand. And it resists the door from slamming. So, the oven door lasts longer. 

  • Flame failure safety device:

Not every range is built with this feature but this one is. You do not have to worry about safety; the flame failure safety device automatically turns off the very moment you put out the flame of the burner.

  • Self-cleaning feature: 

You would be amazed to know that the oven has a feature that will turn your leftover food into ash so that you do not have to use harsh adhesives to remove the stains in your oven as it has self-cleaning mode so you can just wipe off and remove the leftovers after the self-cleaning mode. 

  • Dimension:

The dimensions of bertazzoni PRO486GDFSAZ  are mentioned here, width: 47.875-inches, height: 35.5-inches, and a depth of 25.1875-inches. 

At this moment, you must know that this is a gorgeous unit. It has simple controls and unique features that are perfect for every family who loves eating food. Unfortunately, the oven door cannot be obliterated, so you might need to face a bit of hassle if you need to clean the racks of the oven. Other than this, it is a great dual fuel range for its price.


  • Excellent burners
  • Double oven with exceptional features
  • Has sabbath mode
  • Flame failure safety 
  • Has two years of parts and labor warranty


The oven door cannot be removed. 

Our verdict:

This dual gas range is quite an efficient range that will fit your kitchen well. Easy to clean, you can both cook and bake multiple dishes at the same time. Overall, this is a top-notch range for all kitchens. It’s the best for the value high end gas range with premium features. 

9. Monogram Gas Range

Monogram Gas Range

Monogram develops ranges, which are created to give an outstanding performance along with a long-lasting lifetime.

The monogram brings you the Monogram ZGP486NDRSS. It is a 48-inch freestanding gas range that runs over natural gas and has many other efficient features.

  • Burners:

The range has six sealed and dual-flame stacked burners. The burners provide low-temperature heat from 140 degrees Celcius to an intense temperature of 18,000 BTUs. 

You can use knobs to control the temperature of the burners.    

  • Reversible Burner Grates:

The range has continuous grates that support the surface of the cooktop. They are easy to clean and last for a long time.  

  • Oven:

Monogram has combined both reverse-air convection technology and infrared broil to give superb baking results. The oven has three different racks that are full-sized street trays.

You can easily slide the racks in and out. They are made with stainless steel and low maintenance as you can keep them in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle.

  • Halogen light columns: 

These lights provide you a clear vision of the food cooking inside the oven, regardless of multiple racks.

  • Broil Burner:

The broil burner installed in the range produces an intense amount of heat needed to sear the meat and lock the juices inside it. It is also thermostatically controlled that makes the browning of the top while you bake things.     

  • Clad Griddle:

The griddle is made with aluminum and stainless steel. Now cooking eggs, bacon, sausage, etc., are more manageable than before. You will not even be in the need fo using a pan for these chores. 

  • Electronic ignition and automatic reignition:

The ignition system is electrical. It ensures continuous flame and reignites automatically if the burner gets extinguished accidentally. So, the safety of your kitchen is always assured. 

  • ADA compliant:

The range is ADA compliant; this standard state that all the electronic appliances must be easily accessible by people with disabilities. 

  • Dimension:

The gas range width is 47.875-inches; it has a depth of 28.25-inches and a height of 35.25 inches.  

By now, you must have found the chosen one for your kitchen that will increase the beauty of your kitchen. Sadly, the monogram ZGP486NDRSS is not smudge-proof. It means it might leave marks or smudges on your cooktop or any other part of the gas range. This is the only reason I will not recommend it.


  • Sealed and dual-flame stacked burner
  • Authentic and professional appearance 
  • The largest oven in the industry along with interior lighting
  • Dual bake with sheet trays
  • Infrared broiler and griddle
  • Self-cleaning and sabbath mode


Not smudge-proof

Our verdict:

Overall the gas range can be a great choice if you are looking for something that will provide service for a long time. I personally would not purchase it because it is not smudge-free. To me, the looks matter as much as the quality. 

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10. Miele F2901Vi Counter-depth Refrigerator

Miele F2901Vi Counter-depth Refrigerator

Miele is a German brand known for the durability of their produced goods. Germans can be considered as refrigeration experts. So, I doubt anything can go wrong with their high end refrigerators.

The one we are here to talk about is the Miele F2901Vi refrigerator. It is one of those best high end kitchen appliances that will change the look of your kitchen. 

Shall we discuss everything in detail?

MasterCool Push2open:

The doors are easily operable with the push2open features. It is the perfect solution to handle-free doors. 

Mastercool Brilliant light: 

LED strips are designed to provide enough and gentle lighting. It provides enough illumination so you can see every edge of your refrigerator.   

MasterFresh facility: 

It adjusts the temperature and humidity that keeps your food. And keeps it fresher up to 3 times longer. 


The ice maker both produces and stores ice in it. It can make up to 150 ice cubes per day. 


It is built with a non-frost system that lessens the hassle of defrosting and cleaning the freezer. Now you can store food as much as you like without worrying about cleaning hassle.

Energy star: 

It saves energy. So, you don’t have to worry about bills. 

Max load hinge:

Hinges are important for opening and closing the doors; the hinges prevent slamming doors, so they last longer. 


The appliance’s height is 85.1875-inches, interior width is 36-inches, and exterior is 35.75-inches and has a depth of 24-inches.     

This 36-inch modern refrigerator will lift the standard of any home kitchen. But for a home kitchen, it is quite an advanced refrigerator. Like everything in this world, this refrigerator also has some flaws. Unfortunately, this cannot be used for any medical purposes, and also you can’t do this outdoors.     


  • Non-frost freezer
  • Complete storage freedom
  • Push2open feature
  • Produces up to 150 ice cubes per day
  •  Saves energy


Not for outdoor and medical usage

Our verdict:

From my very own personal view, I would not think twice before purchasing this. As it is smartly designed and saves energy, so you won’t have to worry about the bills. What can be better than investing money into saving money!    

High end kitchen appliances Buying Guide 

  • Core material:

The core material for high end kitchen appliances is usually stainless steel. Stainless steel comparatively gives you more durability than other materials. Some stainless steel also has a stain-resistant coating, which makes appliances smudge and fingerprint-proof. 

  • Energy efficiency:

Before making a purchase of any electronic appliance, you must know about the consumption of the appliances. Most of these high end appliances have the feature of energy efficiency. So, by the end of the year, you won’t have to spend tons of money on the electricity bill.  

  • Interior LED lightings:

It is essential that the kitchen appliances have built-in LED lights. The built-in LED lights let you see the things inside the appliance

  • Display and Controls:

Nowadays. Kitchen appliances are made smartly. They are built with LED displays and controls. You can change the temperature and pressure of the appliance using the rules. Some of these are compatible with Wi-fi; you can change instruments from any corner of your house.   

  • Storage:

These high end appliances will never let you fall out of storage. Having enough storage in the devices you use is a must. These appliances are designed with drawers and shelves. Some even have extra racks for bottles or tall items.  

  • Durability: 

High end appliances will never disappoint you whenever it comes to durability. These appliances will last for at least ten years. So, you wouldn’t need to spend money on replacing them regularly.    

  • Low dBA:

This feature is something that you should look for when you are particularly purchasing a dishwasher. If the appliance is constructed to have a  low dBA, it is quite ideal for your home, as it will not make much noise.

  • Non-frost freezer: 

Before buying high end refrigerators, try to make sure that the freezer is non-frost. Non-frost freezer is generally easy to clean. And you won’t have deal will the issue of defrosting your food items. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Luxury vs. Affordable Luxury Appliance Brands. What’s the difference?

Answer: The difference is luxury appliances are pricier, but they are more durable, and they are designed beautifully to fit in every home kitchen. 

What Luxury Appliance Brands Are The Most Reliable?

Answer: Some best luxury appliances are: Miele, Viking, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Dacor, etc.

 What Do You Get With A Luxury Appliance Brand?

Answer: You get many things like impressive counter tops, Cabinets that will amaze you, smart-home features and many other. 

 What are the best high end kitchen appliances?

Answer: Some high end kitchen accessories brands are Viking ranges, Thermador refrigerators, Jenn-Air refrigerator, and others. 

What is the best high end appliance brand?

Answer: everyone has a different perspective, so one brand cannot be the best. Some of them are Miele, Thermador, Jenn-AIr, etc. 

Are KitchenAid appliances considered high end? 

Answer: Not really. Kitchen aid appliances have unique features but cost a lot less than high-end appliances. So, No. 

Do high-end appliances increase home value?

Answer: I think it does—these appliances triggers the value of any standard home kitchen.


We are now at the end of the article, so by now, you might have already chosen the best high end kitchen appliances that you would like to add to your kitchen home. 

In short, if you choose the best kitchen appliances, it will surely increase the value of both your kitchen and home. Yes, I admit these are quite pricy, but they also provide you with service worth the price. 

I would personally purchase some of these appliances for my home kitchen. Being a homemaker, I do like having things in my house that not only looks good but also works like it’s one of its kind. In this very case, these appliances will never let you down. So, we hope you make good choices. Happy Shopping!  

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